February 4, 2017

Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune

Digital Riddle, one of the best digital marketing training institute in Pune conducts 90 hours intensive Digital Marketing Training Courses in Pune. Our Digital Marketing Course is delivered by expert trainers having comprehensive domain knowledge and work experience. We provide our candidates with 40 hours of hands-on practical training to helps them understand Digital Marketing concepts well. We follow experiential learning methodology to make learning simple, interesting and significant. We are committed to provide industry best digital marketing training to make you job ready. We are India’s first Digital Marketing Training Institute to provide 100% learning guarantee.

Digital Marketing Course Features:

  1. Advanced and up to date course syllabus
  2. Highly qualified and experienced trainer
  3. Experiential learning methodology
  4. 40 hours hands-on practical training
  5. Free course material
  6. 100% learning guarantee

Syllabus: Digital Marketing Training Course

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
    1. Understanding the basics of marketing
    2. What is digital marketing?
    3. Difference between traditional and digital marketing
    4. Why digital marketing – It’s advantages and benefits over conventional marketing
    5. Digital marketing evolution and trends
    6. Understand types of websites and its structure – Domain, Sub Domain, Types of Server, Web Hosting, CMS
    7. Understand the digital marketing terminologies like SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM etc.
  2. SEO – I – On page optimization
    1. How search engine works
    2. Introduction to on-page optimization
    3. Understanding various Google algorithms – Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon updates
    4. Google search ranking factors
    5. Understanding SERP anatomy
    6. Search operators
    7. Website analysis
    8. Site speed analysis
    9. Keyword research and analysis
    10. Competition analysis
    11. Meta Tags – their importance and how to write it
    12. Web content development and optimization
    13. H1, H2, H3 Tags, Anchor text
    14. URL optimization
    15. Image Optimization
    16. URL redirection
    17. Custom 404 error
    18. Use of Robot.txt and sitemap
    19. International and local targeting
  3. SEO – II – Off page optimization
    1. Introduction to off-page optimization
    2. Understanding On-page vs Off-page optimization
    3. Introduction to link building
    4. Importance of link building and its impact on search engine ranking
    5. Link building techniques
    6. Dofollow vs Nofollow
    7. Social bookmarking
    8. Directory submissions
    9. Guest postings
    10. Blogs and forum commenting
    11. Yahoo answers
    12. Press Releases
    13. Social Media links
    14. Classified listing
    15. Link building from contextually relevant sites
    16. Google business listing
  4. Google Adwords
    1. What is Adwords?
    2. Why Adwords and its impact on business?
    3. Introduction to Adwords
    4. Adwords terminologies: Adrank, quality score, Clicks, impression, CPC, CPL, CPA, CTR, cost, average position
    5. Adwords account creation, billing setup and understanding Adwords structure
    6. Understanding Google Adwords dashboard
    7. Campaign setup: Types of campaign, Location settings, Language, network and devices, bidding strategies, budget settings, campaign scheduling, Ad delivery and Ad rotation
    8. Adgroups and Keywords setup: Adgroup structure, Keyword types, Google keyword planner, Keyword research process, Google search terms report
    9. Ad formats and Ad creation guidelines: Ad structure, Character limits, Heading, URL, Description
    10. Understanding Ad extensions and its importance
    11. Display Ads and Remarketing
    12. Campaign monitoring and optimization, setting automated rule parameters
    13. Video marketing and shopping campaigns
    14. Merchant center creation and linking it to Adwords
    15. Google Adwords exam certification assistance
  5. Social Media Marketing
    1. Introduction to Social Media Marketing
    2. Advantages and benefits of Social Media Marketing
    3. Creating Social Media Strategy
    4. Creating Social Media strategy and content template
    5. Understanding how to choose relevant Social Media platforms for your business
    6. Facebook: Creating Facebook company page, creating content strategy and content calendar, Facebook events, quiz, contests, Facebook paid Ads, analytics, and campaign optimization techniques, strategy to build page likes and brand engagement.
    7. Twitter: Creating Twitter company page, Twitter cards, content strategy and hashtags, tools to identify relevant hashtags, Twitter Ads, strategy to build followers.
    8. LinkedIn: Creating and managing LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn Ads, creating content strategy and content calendar, LinkedIn pulse, LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn Jobs, LinkedIn Slideshare, creating showcase pages, strategy to build followers and brand engagement.
    9. G+: Creating G+ company page, optimizing images and content in G+, G+ content marketing strategy and content calendar, G+ business listing, G+ communities, Hangout, G+ Events, G+ circles
  6. Video Marketing
    1. Youtube: Importance of video marketing, creating account and channel in Youtube, optimizing Youtube videos for search rankings, video marketing tips and tricks, Youtube marketing strategy, Linking Adwords account, creating and promoting Youtube Ads, Youtube analytics.
  7. Email Marketing
    1. Importance of Email Marketing
    2. Understanding important Email Marketing terminologies like hard bounce, soft bounce, open rate, unsubscription, spam
    3. Popular Email Marketing Softwares
    4. Creating campaign, Subscriber list and measuring results
    5. Landing page creation and optimization
  8. Mobile Marketing
    1. Understanding the importance of Mobile Marketing
    2. Mobile marketing latest trends and statistics
    3. World after Mobile Apps
    4. Mobile App promotions
    5. Technique to improve downloads and usage
    6. App Store Optimization
    7. SMS marketing campaigns
  9. Content Marketing
    1. Introduction to content marketing
    2. Why Content is king?
    3. Content as a means of Thought Leadership: Creating Newsletter, whitepaper, Press releases and case studies. Hosting Podcasts and webinars.
    4. Creating blogs that perform.
    5. Introduction to content marketing tools.
  10. Google Analytics
    1. Google Analytics overview and setup, Google Analytics terminologies.
    2. Understanding demographic, geographic and behavioral aspect of the user
    3. Understanding traffic source, devices, traffic acquisition, new vs returning visitors, conversions, goals
    4. Understanding Google analytics dimensions and metrics like pageviews, sessions, bounce rate, users, Avg. session duration, medium, referral path, source etc.

Upcoming Digital Marketing Training Batches :- 

Training Name Start Date Location Price (Rs.)
Digital Marketing Classroom Training Feb 3, 2018 Pune 15,000/-
Digital Marketing Classroom Training Feb 17, 2018 Pune 15,000/-

Course Highlights:

Course Level Beginner and Intermediate
Course Duration 50 Hours Training and 40 Hours Hands-On Practical Training
Prerequisites None
Trainer Experience 8+ Years
Batch Size Max 5 Pax
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Digital Marketing Course
INR 15000
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